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Management Accounting

Helping Our Clients Keep More of the Money They Earn

Management Accounting is a term used to cover all aspects of information used by managers to help them to run their businesses. These are diverse and often unique to a particular company as every business and every business owner/manager has different requirements. Fundamentally it is about adding value to a stakeholder in the business by giving them the information they need.

Banks and other lending institutions : More and more, banks and other lenders are asking for detailed, monthly/quarterly business plans as part of the application for funding process.  These cover profit and loss accounts, balance sheets and cashflow projections and are required to support the initial application.  Assuming the application is successful, they then often also require monthly management accounts to be submitted, so they can assess your ongoing ability to pay the repayments and interest. This can be in support of an overdraft facility, or a loan application.

There are many funding providers in the marketplace who can provide loans to SME businesses that are not available on the high street.  Each one will have their own lending criterion and just because you are turned down from one lender, it does not mean you’re are a bad risk or that one of the other lenders would not be interested in your business.  The interest rates offered can vary widely and are not always quoted as APR, so take care that you are not inadvertently going with an option that is not the best for you.

Please give Jo a call if you are unsure how to progress as she is experienced in the many funding options and can advise on the best route forward.

Project Evaluation: If you are considering investing in a new building, plant and machinery or even buying or selling a business. The value of the project should be evaluated fully to ensure you get maximum benefit and that it is a sound business decision. We have many years’ experience evaluating and managing projects for businesses large or small.

Business Planning: If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail is a very famous quote (though the author is unknown).

Business planning can be strategic, looking at the longer term aspirations of the business, a budget, looking at how the business will change in the next one to three years or a forecast, using latest information for the forthcoming weeks and months.

The cash flow forecast is often the most important tool a business can have. Cash is king, and many businesses fail every year due to cash-flow problems. So, if you only do one plan make it a cash-flow forecast.

We can put together a model that helps you to plan. Give us a call on 0845 680 2502 for a free one hour meeting to discuss how we can help.