About Us

A firm of proactive accountants who are large enough to  offer the breadth of services you need, to the standard you expect, with the experience and qualifications to give you confidence in our ability; and also small enough to care about each and every one of our clients.

We are a friendly and approachable team, selected not only for our experience and qualifications, but also on our personality as we want our clients to enjoy interacting with us.  This, along with knowing that all telephone calls and emails to us are completely free, helps to encourage our clients to pick up the phone to their dedicated customer support accountant for help, support and guidance.  Experience has taught us that the more information our clients give us and the more they involve us in their decision making, the better our support to them can be.

Our Services

Year Ends

The legal and compliance burden put on businesses through the need to submit tax returns and other such documents to strict deadlines is often one of the most stressful elements of running a business.  Add to this the ever increasing investigation activity of HMRC and the most complex tax system in the world and it’s not really much of a surprise that this keeps business owners awake at night.

Business Growth

If you are looking for your business to grow, you may need someone working with you to help you to understand and then plan for how to achieve your growth goals.  Growth coaching is a great way to work on your business rather than in your business.  It is designed to help you to focus on what you want to achieve and what steps you need to take and decisions you need to make to achieve them.


In today’s climate, clients often worry about gaining the funding they need.  Whilst the high street banks are certainly more amenable to the idea of lending to SME’s than they were a few years ago, the interest rates available and the rigour applied to assess  your ability to repay are much more thorough than they were before the recession hit.

Accounting Services, Tax Returns and more

All accountants will offer basic tax return services, and we do these for most of our clients as they are a legal requirement of all businesses.  We do these at least as well as any other accountant you may speak to.  But where we differ from many accountants is in our proactivity, customer support and advice.  Research on what SME decision makers want from their accountant suggests that this is what SME owners want from their accountant.

Auto Enrolment

This refers to the process of enrolling the all the employees of a certain institution or organization by the owner of the institute. This is very important and mandatory process that all the institutes must take up. All the organizations are there to take care of all these legal paperwork on behalf of the owner of the company. All these paper work is very important for the financial health of the company. The registration of all the employees is an important task that has been taken up by this department of the company and the particular organization within proper time.

Tax Protection & Business and Commercial Legal Helpline

With HMRC becoming more spontaneous with tax investigations, be it VAT Inspection or Tax Inspection, we strongly suggest that every business is insured against the cost of investigation. So strongly that we automatically build it in to our fixed fee agreements.  Many of our clients have been very grateful for this insurance when HMRC have come knocking.  The scheme means that in the event of a full enquiry we will be able to deal with this for you promptly and our fees will be met by the insurance company.

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